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AP Computer Science Important Links

College Board Advanced Placement Logo

The College Board - The College Board is the organization that runs the AP Computer Science Exam. They are also responsible for the SAT exam and all other AP exams. One of the most helpful resources on their website is the sample AP Computer Science questions, which include all of the free-response questions and their solutions since 2001. Also helpful is the AP Java Subset, which contains all of the Java features you will be required to know for the exam.

BlueJ Logo

BlueJ - BlueJ is the Java IDE that we use in AP Computer Science. It was developed by the University of Kent as a way for students to better understand object-oriented programming. You will not be required to use it for AP Computer Science, but it is highly recommended. BlueJ is a free download so you can install it at home.

Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans - These are alternative IDEs you can use for Java development. They are probably the three most popular IDEs for Java so if you don't like BlueJ try one of these three. All three are available for free.

Java SE Technical Documentation - Oracle maintains the documentation for the Java programming language. Here you can find every class and method you can use in Java. The method definitions that are used in lessons come from this documentation.

Coding Bat

Coding Bat - Coding Bat is a great place to review your knowledge of the Java programming language. The interactive problems will compile in your web browser and show you any compile-time errors. Errors will also include a link to examples to help you diagnose the problem.

Practice-It! - Practice-It! is similar to Coding Bat, and is run by computer science professors from Stanford and the University of Washington.

Khan Academy - The well-known tutoring website has some high-quality tutorials on computer programming and computer science. You do not need to create an account to view the tutorials.

Runestone Interactive - This site has a number of review lessons and questions for Java topics that will be covered on the AP exam. There are even three timed practice exams that you can take as a make up for the second semester midterm.

CodeHS - Another website where you can prepare for the AP exam. The questions are not as high-level as many on the other sites so this may be a good place to start your review. You can sign up and choose to join Mr. Miller's class.

AP Pass - This site lets you estimate your score on the AP exam. Enter how you feel you did on the multiple choice and each free response question to see what your score would be.

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